py-ptyprocess bug - Was: Re: new ipython crash with recent update on Big Sur

Kevin Horton kevin01 at
Tue Jan 5 04:03:53 UTC 2021

On Jan 4, 2021, at 7:48 PM, Kevin Horton <kevin01 at> wrote:
> A recent update has borked py37-ipython and py38-ipython for me on two Intel machines on macOS 11.1 with XCode 12.3.
> Symptoms: run ipython.  In ipython, do the following:
> import sys
> sys.<Tab key> # i.e. press the Tab key.  This should show a list of functions and attributes of sys.  If ipython is borked it returns nothing
> sys.argv?
> sys.<Tab key> # this produces a ipython crash.
> At first I only had this on the laptop where I had updated to Big Sur a couple of days ago, and then followed the migration steps, which updated all ports to the latest versions.  The iMac, which had been updated to Big Sur several weeks ago, did not exhibit the issue.  I suspected some issue unique to the laptop, so did the usual troubleshooting steps.  Then I did a port selfupdate on the iMac and it now had the same problem.  I used Time Machine to roll back to before the port selfupdate, and ipython is working correctly again.
> I'd file a bug, but I don't know which port is the problem yet.

It looks like the problem is with py-ptyprocess  0.7.0_0 .  The problem goes away if I downgrade to py37-ptyprocess 0.6.0_0 and then rebuild py37-ipython


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