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Tue Jan 19 07:27:16 UTC 2021

While any given place may have its own conventions, it's not uncommon for people to have something either meaningful to them or that they thing is witty, in their .sig block (after a line consisting of just dash dash space).

The most that is usually expected is that something not be illegal, obscene, hate speech, sexually harassing, etc.  "all pagans will burn in heck" might be construed by some as hate speech (although it's really just an opinion); but what I suspect is being referred to is nothing like that.

In general, unless there's a solid guideline to the contrary, I don't think people should expect to be protected from hearing things they merely disagree with or in some sense disapprove of, even if small amounts of same, isolated as in a .sig, are off-topic. My .sig, below is certainly off-topic too, even if it's not religious (well, not directly; there was a moral of the story to "Peer Gynt"). If you're going to object to the other one, you really ought to object to mine too; to do otherwise would be discrimination (of the bad kind), IMO.

Lasik/PRK theme music:
    "In the Hall of the Mountain King", from "Peer Gynt"
(read act 2, scene 6 of the play if that doesn't make sense)

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