hfstar and gnutar conflicting files

Richard L. Hamilton rlhamil at smart.net
Tue Jan 26 06:18:59 UTC 2021

The following files appear to conflict (be installed by both ports):

Moreover, neither lists the other as a conflicting port.

IMO, perhaps hfstar should be patched to use "hfstar" as the program name for message lookup, and the files installed with hfstar.mo names. Or, IF they're always the same (might not be given the different version numbers, with hfstar lagging behind, and POTENTIALLY hfstar having unique messages), perhaps gnutar should be a prerequisite of hfstar. In either case, it's not serious, but at a minimum it takes a forced activate to let whichever one was updated most recently be activated (moving the conflicting files out of the way).

I don't know which fix is best, but IMO it's not clean as it is; either let people know in "port info", or make them coexist nicely.

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