[workaround] 10.6.8 & mysql57

Bjarne D Mathiesen macintosh at mathiesen.info
Thu Jan 28 02:19:52 UTC 2021

According to https://ports.macports.org/port/mysql57/summary mysql57
fails to build on 10.6.

!!!BUT!!! using some "sleigh-of-hand", it's possible to get it to
install :-) You'll have to implement the workaround from

declare usrBin='/usr/bin'
declare devBin="/Developer${usrBin}"

while read -u 9 cctool
    theTool=$( basename ${cctool} )
    echo ${theTool}
    for binDir in "${usrBin}" "${devBin}"
        mv -n "${binDir}/${theTool}" "${binDir}/${theTool}.orig"
        rm "${binDir}/${theTool}"
        ln -h "${cctool}" "${binDir}/${theTool}"
done 9< <( port contents cctools | fgrep /bin/ )

At present I've got mysql57 running on two old 10.6.8 systems :-D

Bjarne D Mathiesen
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