how to use MacPorts libraries in an Xcode project using the Xcode GUI -- anyone?

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Fri Jan 29 17:40:01 UTC 2021

I was working on an Xcode project in the Xcode GUI the other day 
(Apple's ld64-530) and needed various parts  that I know MacPorts supplies.

But it is not simple or intuitive to know how to add headers and 
libraries from MacPorts to an Xcode project, I found.

I did see how to add header search paths (that was not trivially easy to 
find, but could be found), but I had to add "/opt/local/include" which 
brought in everything from MacPorts, rather than just the bit I wanted. 
And then there are the libraries, and then the install_names will be all 

So, as I was working through this I thought -- in 20 years, this must 
have come up many times -- where is the wiki page on how to do this? And 
-- there must be many people out there who use Xcode all day long who 
know how to make this work smoothly much better than I do.

Does anyone have the recipe for happy use of MacPorts headers and 
libraries in an Xcode GUI project?

With +universal here again, and MacPorts the only game in town for it, 
it would be great if people knew how to make it work easily.



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