Port clean, but just for destroot?

Jim DeLaHunt list+macports-users at jdlh.com
Tue Jul 13 01:14:54 UTC 2021

On 2021-07-12 17:21, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> Correct, it's best to delete $(port work myport)/destroot prior to re-attempting the destroot phase, since portfile authors do not typically expect a destroot phase to be re-attempted and may not have written such destroot phases to work correctly if you do.
> If the destroot phase did not error but has instead been marked as completed, you can unmark that completion by editing the file $(port work myport)/.macports.myport.state and delete the line that reads "target: org.macports.destroot".
> I do these steps often.

Awesome, Ryan! That is exactly what I was looking for.

port -o -k install myport is my friend right now.  bbedit $(port work 
myport)/.macports.myport.state is my new friend.

Thank you!
     —Jim DeLaHunt

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