CACKey_0.7.8_Slandup.pkg installation fails

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Wed Jul 21 22:34:57 UTC 2021

On 2021-07-21 at 15:59:32 UTC-0400 (Wed, 21 Jul 2021 13:59:32 -0600)
Tao Zhang <tao.zhang at>
is rumored to have said:

> Hi,
>  I am installing "CACKey_0.7.8_Slandup.pkg" CACKey package.

That's not a MacPorts package. You are unlikely to find much help from 
this mailing list.

> It failed with the following information:
> "The installation failed. The installer encountered an error that 
> caused the installation to fail.
> Contact the software manufacturer for assistance."

You should do that.

The home site for that software appears to be

> I just checked two directories in my Mac (OS 10.14.6) "/usr/local/lib" 
> and "/Library",

MacPorts ports avoid installing anything in either of those directories. 
With very few exceptions, MacPorts installs software under /opt/local/ 
and not in any standard macOS directories to avoid entanglement with 
system software.

> There are two folders "pkcs11" and "CACKey" that are created today 
> (7/21). I can not access these two folders because
> the owner is macports.

That is very strange. You should contact the developer about that, and 
find out if the package is intended to install files owned by 'macports' 
or if that is some sort of accident. It is possible for software to 
install itself under a numeric user ID that accidentally collides with 
the macports user.

>  I am wondering whether the above issues cause the failure of 
> installation of "CACKey_0.7.8_Slandup.pkg"?
> May I remove those two folders "pkcs11" and "CACKey"? How can I remove 
> them or How can I change the owner?

'sudo chown <your username> <file or folder name>' should do the job.

Whether that's a solution to your problem or just a way to make it 
worse, I have no idea.

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