Clean install of Big Sur and MacPorts but old Xcode

ChrisF chris at
Fri Jun 25 21:39:44 UTC 2021

I've upgraded to Big Sur (11.4) using a clean install followed by a 
restore of all users( except MacPorts) from a Time Machine backup. I 
also restored apps.

When I went do a clean install of MacPorts I saw that XCode was still 
present in Applications, had a bit of a brain fade and assumed that it 
had been updated like the other Apple apps, and went ahead an installed 
MacPorts without further ado. (I have not installed any ports yet.)

So now I think I have MacPorts linked to a 10.x version of XCode. I've 
downloaded the latest version of XCode from the App Store, and I was 
just about to uninstall MacPorts  when I read the first para of 2.4 of 
the User Guide, which suggests that I seek advice here.

So, do I need to completely uninstall and reinstall MacPorts or is there 
an easier path to a reliable MacPorts?

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