pulseaudio install fails

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Wed Mar 10 19:46:30 UTC 2021

On Mar 10, 2021, at 12:57, joerg van den hoff wrote:

> thank you. I get what you say regarding what causes the problem. but whose "fault" is that again? meaning: the bug report should be directed to the pulseaudio people, not to the macports project, I guess? sorry for being obtuse...

It's a bug that pulseaudio requests -Werror for this configure test. You could file the bug report with them so they can fix that. We can then update the port to a new fix version when they release one.

Or you can file a bug report with us. The maintainer of the pulseaudio port can then file the bug report with the developers of pulseaudio. The maintainer can also add a patch to our port to fix it (if we know how) before a new release.

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