clang++ and libc++

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Tue Mar 16 14:41:50 UTC 2021

I undertook some further refinements and put together a port for this.

The "macports-libcxx" port will install the needed libc++ libraries and the
matching headers, with the needed minor tweak to disable the availability
test you ran across. The port notes explain how to use it, and there is
more info here about how it works, possible issues you might see, and such:

Can't make any promises, but I know it does work in at least some cases
(actually all I tried so far) to allow newer libc++ features on older
systems, for example running the most recent mkvtoolnix (which uses many
new c++ features) back as far as 10.11 at least.

MacPorts offers quite robust "best-effort" older systems support, and large
part of that is toolchain support, which is an interest of mine; you may
this helps with that.

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