Installing universal binaries on Apple M1 using macports

Sandeep Thakkar sandeep.thakkar at
Tue Mar 30 06:18:57 UTC 2021


I'm installing llvm-10 on Apple M1 (macOS BigSur) with these changes in

*# custom changesbuildfromsource    alwaysmacosx_deployment_target
 10.14macosx_sdk_version    11.1*

and the command I used is:
*% sudo port install llvm-10 +universal*

But, what I see is:
*% otool -l /opt/local/libexec/llvm-10/lib/libLLVM.dylib| grep "minos\|sdk"*
    minos 11.0
      sdk 11.1

The sdk version looks fine, but why the minos is 11.0? shouldn't it be
10.14 as expected? What am I missing?

Sandeep Thakkar
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