Best way to install current version of a package?

Nathaniel W Griswold nate at
Thu May 6 13:41:01 UTC 2021


I was doing something today and needed nodejs on my system.

I kinda just wanted the current version, but i saw there were a bunch of ‘nodejs’ packages, like nodejs12-nodejs16.

I ended up googling for info about node versions so i could install the right one for my purposes, but i thought maybe something could have been better.

Two questions:

1) I wanted to avoid installing any beta. Is there a naming convention in macports for beta packages? Is there a possibility a package can be non-stable release with a normal name? If so, is that supposed to be in the description?

2) Is there anything in macports to just grab the current accepted release of a package? Like a pointer to a current version kinda like on debian systems?



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