Reclaim was not 'safe'

Daniel J. Luke dluke at
Sun May 9 19:26:41 UTC 2021

On May 9, 2021, at 12:20 PM, Gerben Wierda via macports-users <macports-users at> wrote:
> Anyway, the hard lesson was: reclaim is not ’safe’. I  thought, reclaim would only remove inactive installs, but it removed active ones as well.
> It is not possible for me to retrace what went wrong exactly, sadly.

The first thing reclaim does is this:

--->  Checking for unnecessary unrequested ports
Unrequested ports without requested dependents found:

If you (like me) have an MacPorts install that pre-dates the requested flag, you'll have a bunch of ports in that list that you don't actually want uninstalled. For reclaim to work best, you need to do `port setrequested` on the ports you want to always keep - then the list of ports you see there will be stuff that got installed that you no longer need. (You can also mark things 'unrequested', see the port manpage - so you can fix things up if you mistakenly mark something requested that you don't want).

Or, you can just hit 'n' for the first prompt.

Daniel J. Luke

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