license for stuff in `macports-www`

Jean Abou Samra jean at
Tue May 11 08:59:13 UTC 2021

Le 11/05/2021 à 10:39, Werner LEMBERG a écrit :
> Looking at
> I can't find a license statement that applies to the stuff in the
> repository.  So: What license is it under?  I suggest to add a small
> `` file that mention it...
>      Werner

For context, we at LilyPond (think "LaTeX for music")
would like to advertise MacPorts as an installation
method for Mac OS in our website here:

Is use of the image at 

okay for that purpose?

 From what I have read so far, I suspect it would fall
within the range of fair use. It would be simpler, however,
if the website content had an explicit license.

Thanks for your consideration,
Jean Abou Samra

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