BigSur, Bash, & zsh

Stanton Sanderson stansand at
Tue May 25 23:52:20 UTC 2021

This may be obvious to all but me… However, for any other 80+ year olds wondering what to do if:

1. Updated from Mojave to Big Sur
2. Ignored Terminal's helpful info about the new default shell, since Bash is what we use (right?)
3. Followed the very clear instructions about migrating MacPorts to the new operating system
   And Then
4. Changed the shell to zsh as Terminal seemed to demand,
   Resulting in the requirement that port commands required bash, as in "bash port outdated”...
The remedy is to simply reinstall the BigSur version of MacPorts (only the app, not the port files)

All is well again. sudo port self update and the other commands work.

As I understand it, reinstalling MacPorts set the correct $PATH.


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