MacPorts 2.7.1 has been released

Joshua Root jmr at
Wed May 26 14:02:13 UTC 2021

The MacPorts Project is pleased to announce the release of version
2.7.1. This is a bugfix release with small changes only. See the
ChangeLog [1] for the list of changes.

If you already have MacPorts installed, the preferred method for
updating is to run:

   sudo port selfupdate

For new installs, there are also package installers available for macOS
versions ranging from macOS 11 Big Sur all the way back to 10.4 at [2]. 
The source is also available as tarballs compressed with gzip or bzip2, 
or from the git tag [3].

Note for macOS 10.14 users: if you are unable to selfupdate due to the 
SQL error mentioned in the ChangeLog, you will need to install MacPorts 
2.7.1 either with the .pkg installer or from source.

Detached PGP signatures for the disk images, packages and source
tarballs have been made with my key, which is available on the
keyservers and my MacPorts wiki page [4], the fingerprint being:

0x01FF673FB4AAE6CD: C403 7936 5723 6DCF 2E58  0C02 01FF 673F B4AA E6CD

(on behalf of the MacPorts Port Managers)

[1] <>
[2] <>
[3] <>
[4] <>

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