Funding indicators

André-John Mas andrejohn.mas at
Wed Nov 3 18:38:52 UTC 2021


Recently npm (node package manager), has added support for indicating if a package
is looking for funding. Would there be any interest in doing the same for dependencies
in MacPorts?

If there is interest, I am thinking of the following:

 - A field linking to the funding page of the project
 - This being indicated in the details of a port on the website
 - After an install a list of the ports looking for funding is presented

What prompted me with this thought is that osxfuse went closed source and will remain
closed source to maintain the funding it is getting. I am just worried that if we don't flag
ports that are looking for funding, this may happen to other projects that aren't subject
to licenses such as the GPL. In many ways we act as if many of the ports we get via
MacPorts are a gift of the god and forget that there people out there trying to make the
magic happen and some of them would appreciate a little something for their time. 

Was it not OpenSSL that also almost broke due to lack of funding and essentially being
a passion project of one guy?



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