provide latest OS root certificates via port?

raf macports at
Fri Nov 12 05:20:40 UTC 2021

On Tue, Nov 09, 2021 at 09:11:26AM -0600, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:

> On Nov 7, 2021, at 06:23, Christopher Jones wrote:
> > 
> >>> it uses the libcurl support compiled into macports base, which
> >>> defaults to using the system curl. To change that you need to rebuild
> >>> base against an updated lib curl.
> >> 
> >> Is that something that can be made to happen for all users by the creation
> >> of a new version of something (e.g., tclsh or whatever is linking against
> >> that library)?
> > 
> > Having Macports base ship and build against its own copy of curl by
> > default is something that has been discussed previously. I think a
> > fair summary is there is no consensus as to if it is the right thing
> > to do.
> The discussion about that is at

Thanks. One of the suggestions in that thread was to
default to a non-TLS connection when TLS fails. That
might be an easy option for "mpstats submit", or using
the curl binary in the path, rather than libcurl.
Without something being done to make the default case
work, there will be no statistics for some systems. I
know that having mpstats isn't the default case, but it
is suggested by default.


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