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Same problem with xclock. Where can I find the log file of the xorg-server?

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Impossible to say without more data.

Do you have any crash logs in Console ? Any other messages ?

What application are you running ? Try install a simple one like xclock and see if that works ?

Have you tired removing then reinstalling the xorg-server port ?

Are you actually using the xorg-server X11 server or do you perhaps have another one installed instead ?

Have you logged out and back in again, as required by the xorg-server instalation ?


One possible issue is that if you are logging into a machine as a different user than the one you are on, X won’t let that user display on your local screen.  To overcome that issue, you can issue the command xhost + before you try to bring up an X window, but note that this version of xhost allows any program to display on your local computer.

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