Does MacPorts depend on Spotlight?

Richard L. Hamilton rlhamil at
Wed Nov 17 02:02:28 UTC 2021

Good, thanks. Perhaps I wouldn't exclude the whole /opt/local (or whatever install prefix) unless performance is a major issue, but /opt/local/var/macports, which is less likely to be interesting in terms of commands or configuration files or documentation, and both large (mine is 24GiB when the entire /opt/local is only 35GiB - and I frequently remove most inactive ports and run a port clean installed) and active in terms of changes.

> On Nov 16, 2021, at 16:06, Chris Jones <jonesc at> wrote:
> I am not aware of any use macports itself makes of spotlight, so for sure if you don’t plan on using it yourself to search the install prefix, you can disable it.
>> On 16 Nov 2021, at 6:26 am, Richard L. Hamilton <rlhamil at> wrote:
>> Seems it'd thrash Spotlight a lot less during "port selfupdate" or "port upgrade outdated" to exclude /opt/local, as long as that wouldn't break anything (obviously one couldn't then use Spotlight to search /opt/local, but that's ok with me).

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