M1/Monterey questions

Gerben Wierda gerben.wierda at rna.nl
Fri Nov 26 00:20:46 UTC 2021

I’ve just received a new Mac and it is the first one with M1 hardware. And of course it comes with macOS 12.

So, as sort of a first step, I downloaded the MacPorts Monterey package. When I ran that, macOS wanted to install rosetta, which I did. The installer launched. The installer tells me to do xcode-select —install, which I do as well before proceeding.

Anyway, my two questions:
- How much of MacPorts is now available as M1-native? Apparently the installer itself isn’t?
- I migrated everything except ‘MacPorts’ from an old Mac running Big Sur using Migration Assistant. Then I installed MacPorts form the package. But It seems the migration actually moved the old stuff from /opt/local to the new Mac/. How did that happen? I was expecting a new fresh empty MacPorts. Is it best to remove /opt/local and start all over again?


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