No user or group to remove on macOS Catalina

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Sat Nov 27 08:57:12 UTC 2021

I don't consider /Applications/MacPorts part of the installation. And deleting binaries I built would be like... not only uprooting the tree, but destroying the fruit as well. That said, you have fair point.

> On Nov 27, 2021, at 03:22, Pieter van Oostrum <pieter-l at> wrote:
> "chilli.namesake at" <chilli.namesake at> writes:
>> To uninstall macports entirely, I use the three commands below in a script (which I assume I got
>> from the manual, but it's been awhile, I do not recall), but they work just as well one at a time:
>> sudo port -vfp uninstall --follow-dependencies installed  
>> sudo port -vfp uninstall all
>> sudo rm -rf   /opt/local   /Library/Tcl/macports*
> You may also have to add
> sudo rm -rf /Applications/Macports
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