New Port Encompassing GNU Command-Line Tool Suite

Giuseppe 'ferdy' Miceli ferdy at
Tue Oct 5 15:30:44 UTC 2021

	ciao christopher,

i personally welcome the port since i think these meta ports could be really interesting for the end users (actually i have a personally repository which includes two dozen of meta ports which i mainly use to manage multiple macports installations).

just a trivial formal remark: whilst i understand and agree with the inclusion of flex, it is not part of gnu.


> On 15 Aug 2021, at 17:49, Christopher Nielsen <mascguy at> wrote:
> For anyone interested, I created a new meta port that installs all of the foundational GNU command-line utilities. This eliminates the need to remember/document them all.
> The port is named ‘gutils-suite’, and it includes the following:
> * bc
> * bison
> * coreutils
> * diffutils
> * findutils
> * flex
> * gawk
> * gtime
> * gpatch
> * grep
> * gsed
> * parallel
> In terms of the included ports, I tried to include those that are the most-used. And while end-users may not explicitly utilize ‘bison’ and ‘flex’ that much, many other ports are dependent upon them. So they’re also worth including.
> Also, the included ports all build and run on macOS 10.4 and 10.5. And at present, all are buildable with gcc-4.2, reducing the requisite compilers for old hardware.
> And finally, folks may ask why ‘bash’ (and ‘bash-completion’) wasn’t included. That was considered; but since not everyone uses BASH, it doesn’t make sense for all.
> Anyhow, hopefully folks will find this port useful. And if you feel that anything else should be included - with the caveat that proposed additions should work on 10.4 and up, and only require gcc-4.2 to build - let me know!
> Cheers,
> -Chris

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