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Christopher Nielsen mascguy at
Mon Oct 25 14:50:06 UTC 2021

> I want to try to build Gimp from the latest checkin to the gimp-2-10 branch, which includes a backport of the Wayland fixes which seem to have also fixed the marching ants problem.
> Given the Portfile and files, how can I specify build from my local source tree.

You’d probably be better off starting with the pending updates to gimp3-devel, available via the following branch: <>

However, given the various dependencies in play - including glib2, which will need to be updated to 2.69 or later - you might want to wait until I’ve gotten this all working. (That branch also includes an update for glib2-devel, to 2.70. However, the various patches will need to be reviewed - and either updated or removed, depending on whether they’re still applicable - before it will build successfully. Just as importantly, it will take time before the glib2-devel update makes it to master, as there will need to be plenty of peer review and testing, prior to an ultimate commit. That certainly won’t prevent you from working with all of this in your local sandbox, but just an FYI.)

You’re welcome to tackle this via whatever approach makes the most sense, though. Let us know what you decide, as well if you’re able to get it all working!
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