Conflicty between MacPorts and Anaconda

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Wed Sep 1 09:53:12 UTC 2021

Conda sera the prompt to help you remembering your within a conda
environment. It makes some sort of sense.

But the aggressive environment messing up, for me, is unacceptable. :)

On Wed, 1 Sep 2021, 11:48 Gerben Wierda via macports-users, <
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> What happened was that I used bash, and my env was set in .profile,
> including my PATH setting for MacPorts. What Anaconda did was create a
> .bash_profile and the existence of that file prevents .profile to be read.
> Hence MacPorts commands are not available anymore in the shell.
> conda did a lot more (e.g. setting prompt) which I don’t want.
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> On 31 Aug 2021, at 17:39, Mircea Trandafir <tramir at> wrote:
> I have anaconda and Macports installed side-by-side, with different
> versions of python in each of them. It all runs smoothly, so it can be
> done. And I also have MacTeX installed separately, again without any issues
> with interaction with anaconda. As Ryan said, we need more information to
> figure out what is the problem with your setup.
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> On Aug 31, 2021, at 12:54 PM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at>
> wrote:
> On Aug 30, 2021, at 09:32, Gerben Wierda wrote:
> I had to install Anaconda (Python environment) to collaborate with
> someone. I installed, but it adapted my shell environment in such a way
> that I’ve lost MacPorts (and LMTX ConTeXt). Does anybody have experience
> with the combination of Anaconda and MacPorts and what the correct way is
> to use them side by side?
> I don't know anything about Anaconda...
> When you say you've "lost MacPorts" does that mean that when you type
> "port" something it says the command is not found? If so, that means that
> your PATH environment variable is not set up correctly. When you installed
> MacPorts, it edited your shell startup script (which varies depending on
> which SHELL you are using) to add the MacPorts paths /opt/local/bin and
> /opt/local/sbin to PATH, while preserving any other additions you made.
> Maybe the Anaconda installer also modified the PATH in that same shell
> startup file but did not preserve your other PATH modifications. Or if you
> are using the Bash shell, which supports I think three possible startup
> files, maybe Anaconda edited a different one, one which takes precedence
> and causes Bash to ignore the other startup file that contained your
> MacPorts PATH settings.
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