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Christoph Kukulies kuku at
Tue Apr 5 10:50:55 UTC 2022

$ sudo port deactivate libusb @1.0.25_0
Note: It is not recommended to uninstall/deactivate a port that has dependents as it breaks the dependents.
The following ports will break:
 libusb-compat @0.1.7_0
 openocd @0.11.0_0
 usbutils @007_1
 libftdi1 @1.5_1
 qemu @6.2.0_0
 stlink @1.7.0_1
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> Am 05.04.2022 um 12:40 schrieb Chris Jones <jonesc at>:
> On 05/04/2022 11:33 am, Christoph Kukulies wrote:
>> I’m in the need of testing a libusb issue with an intermediate build of libusb (1.0.26-rc1, that is)
>> Since I’m always reluctant of mixing brew and macports - is that actually „dangerous“ or impossible at all, should that be avoided or can it be done -
>> One of the developers of libusb told me that the libusb-devel port is broken. I’d prefer using macports. Trying it, I got:
>> $ sudo port install libusb-devel
>> Password:
>> Error: Can't install libusb-devel because conflicting ports are active: libusb
>> Error: Follow <> if you believe there is a bug.
>> Error: Processing of port libusb-devel failed
>> $
>> Any advice?
> you need to deacivate libusb first

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