"list-unsubscribe" mail header & no footer

Sriranga Veeraraghavan sriranga at berkeley.edu
Tue Apr 5 19:12:08 UTC 2022

Hi Andre-John,

I agree with Ralph, it might be something on your computer.  

On BigSur (11.6.5) Mail.app (Apple Mail) shows me an unsubscribe option right below the headers for messages from the macports mailing lists.  On iOS 15.4.1, I get a big unsubscribe option above the headers for macports mailing lists. 



> On Apr 5, 2022, at 11:50, Ralph Seichter via macports-users <macports-users at lists.macports.org> wrote:
> * André-John Mas:
>> Maybe this is impacting me only?
> Looks like that might be the case: https://imgur.com/a/0KtaLZM
> The screenshot I took shows that Apple Mail displays an "unsubscribe"
> action buttion for me. I am running macOS Monterey (version 12.3.1).
> -Ralph

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