Corrupted ports.tar file?

Dave Horsfall dave at
Mon Apr 11 22:02:22 UTC 2022

On Mon, 11 Apr 2022, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> Run "sudo port selfupdate" to get the most recent ports.tar. Do you 
> still see the problem then?

I did run that first; apologies for not mentioning it (there were no 

In fact, my schedule is:

    Sunday: "port -u uninstall" to clean out ports that were squirrelled away.
    Monday: "port selfupdate; port upgrade outdated" (under "script").

Note that "port selfupdate" offers to run "port reclaim" every fortnight, 
where this problem was observed.

> This message could occur if you run "sudo port selfupdate" (or "sudo 
> port sync") in one terminal window while another MacPorts process is 
> still running in another terminal window. So it's best not to do that. 
> If you weren't doing that, I can't explain it.

Not a chance that I'd do anything as silly as that (I've been a sysadmin 
for nearly 50 years)...  All my updates are run in the one window (with 

I'll see if this heisenbug happens again next week (I can't spend any time 
on debugging it right now).

-- Dave

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