macOS 12.3 and /usr/bin/python. Status?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Apr 17 13:27:39 UTC 2022

On Apr 16, 2022, at 08:43, Ralph Seichter wrote:
> It is also worth mentioning that I use this machine for a lot of Python
> software development. Works just fine.

The python ports and the python module ports are not the ones that are affected by the problem. The ones affected by the problem are those that just happen to use python 2 somewhere, for example in their build process or in a script that gets installed.

I haven't upgraded the Monterey buildbot machines to macOS 12.3 or later because of this problem, and don't plan to unless there is some dire need to. As a result, any ports that do require python 2 in their build will continue to build fine on the buildbot, and if they are distributable, the archives will be distributed, so even if you are on macOS 12.3 or later, you can still receive binaries built by our server. So the fact that ports installed fine for you is no indication that the problem has been fixed everywhere, unless you built all ports from source, in which case it means the problem has been fixed (or never existed) in those ports that you built (but MacPorts contains tens of thousands of ports and I doubt all affected ports have been fixed).

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