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> Hi all,
> Now and again, I read of people on the list keeping older Macs running using Macports.
> I have a perfectly functioning iMac which can't update past 10.13.6, yet there are nearly monthly security issues.
> I have been running Ubuntu on an older Macbook Pro with a C2D processor but the change to Ubuntu Linux might be too much of a challenge for my wife on the iMac.
> Is there a discussion forum or website that people recommend where there are suggestions on how to keep older Mac hardware running and secure? I've done some Googling but I can't seem to find anything.  (It is probably an issue of not knowing the right search terms)
> Or are there recommendations on how to use Macports with these older devices to keep them operating securely?  I'm always concerned that the older unsecure software in the /System and /Library folders are used as default instead of the updated Macport versions.

I too have old macs that cant be updated. I just keep a time machine backup and if ever I get hacked a quick restore will fix. For 10 years I've had no issues !! 
Except for apple silly's (sic) there is little to worry about (ring 0 et al). I expect Bad Guys would put their efforts into modern exploits not ones from 'olden days'.
My only issue with perfectly functioning iMacs is that my wife want's lightroom. and  photoshop (which demand the 'latest' os)  whereas I prefer gimp.
At least thee and me are free of apple's incessant nagging :-) BTW if you are not using flash do your self a mighty favour (mac fancontrol)
Another point if anyone reading wants opinion: (How it pains me to not say VirtualBox!) running a VM under parallels is probably nicer than native hardware for linux (pad gestures and touch-feel, bluetooth, heat come to mind) and speed is quite excellant eg M2 speed is 1800 MB/s on my macbook)
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