status of ksh (korn shell) in macports

joerg van den hoff veedeehjay at
Sat Aug 6 11:22:47 UTC 2022

`port search ksh' currently yields the following 4 korn shell packages:

ksh @2020.0.0_1 (shells)
     the KornShell UNIX shell and programming language (stable version)

ksh-devel @20200125-g43d1853 (shells)
     the KornShell UNIX shell and programming language (development version)

ksh93 @93u+20120801_2 (shells)
     the AT&T KornShell

ksh93-devel @93u+m-1.0.0-beta.2 (shells)
     continued development of the AT&T KornShell

in view of the current naming scheme (_and_ info string denoting it as "stable version"), the unwary 
user very probably would wrongly conclude that the first one, `ksh @2020.0.0_1', is the canonical 
"true" korn shell to install. but it is not...

I wonder if the package names (and descriptions) should not be somewhat modified since the ksh93u+m 
project now has done it's first release with many bug fixes relative to ksh93u+, and given the 
project's aim to just fix existing bugs in 93u+, might be validly viewed as true fully compatible 
successor to 93u+ (which ksh2020 most definitely is not). it also seems that linux distros are 
partly already moving in that way (adopting 93u+m as default ksh).

so I would find it preferable to either denote ksh93 at 93u+20120801_2 (the last official ksh release) 
or possibly already ksh93-devel at 93u+m-1.0.1 as "ksh" and/or to rename the others to `ksh2020` (which 
identifies that (abandoned) project to those who care).

not a big deal but I think it would help to avoid possible confusion.

thank you

ps: and if I recall correctly `KornShell' was meant to denote the language while the shell's name is 
"Korn Shell" ;).

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