Is this git handling of a problem on my macports-ports fork&clone OK?

Joshua Root jmr at
Sun Feb 20 23:30:40 UTC 2022

On 2022-2-21 10:12 , Gerben Wierda wrote:
> The time I did a successful pull request, I think I did not first merge 
> my working branch back into my own master, but I did a pull request from 
> my branch from the GitHub website (after having pushed my branch to my 
> own fork)
> It seemed to me, using my branch would be a lot cleaner as my branch 
> only has the changes I made myself. Did I misunderstand git (again)?

That all sounds like the normal recommended procedure. There's no need 
to merge your branch back into master locally, because that's what 
merging the PR does. Next time you fetch from upstream, the PR change 
will be included.

The process in brief is: Create branch from master, make changes and 
commit them on the branch, push branch to your fork, open PR, wait for 
PR to be merged, delete branch. Your master should never diverge from 

- Josh

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