Sms for text messages in macports

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Mon Jan 17 04:11:31 UTC 2022

Hope this isn't a dumb comment, but recently noticed on the aggregator an article about sending sms using python.

Does MacPorts have any python at all? I'm kidding.

> On Jan 16, 2022, at 21:31, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
> On Jan 15, 2022, at 10:10, dan d. wrote:
>> I did a search and found nothing.  Did I miss something?
> Need more information. You would like to find software that allows you to send text messages? If so, that would probably be provided by some service that you would have to subscribe to, so you should find a service whose terms and pricing you agree with and then see what software they propose to use with that service.
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