What have I forgotten about specifying which Perl should be /opt/local/bin/perl?

Gabriel Rosenkoetter gr at eclipsed.net
Fri Jan 21 02:57:50 UTC 2022

I just did a `sudo port install perl5.34`, anticipating that doing so 
would "activate" it (and the build output indicated that step was 
taken), presumably bumping the /opt/local/bin/perl sym link to the new 
version and… apparently that was the wrong thing to assume, since that 
sym link no longer exists on this system?

[31] (gr at wedge:~)% which perl
[32] (gr at wedge:~)% echo $PATH
[33] (gr at wedge:~)% port installed |egrep '^ *perl5'
   perl5.26 @5.26.3_4
   perl5.26 @5.26.3_6 (active)
   perl5.28 @5.28.3_1
   perl5.28 @5.28.3_4 (active)
   perl5.34 @5.34.0_2 (active)
[34] (gr at wedge:~)% ls /opt/local/bin/perl*
/opt/local/bin/perl5.26		/opt/local/bin/perldoc-5.26
/opt/local/bin/perl5.26.3	/opt/local/bin/perldoc-5.28
/opt/local/bin/perl5.28		/opt/local/bin/perldoc-5.34
/opt/local/bin/perl5.28.3	/opt/local/bin/perlivp-5.26
/opt/local/bin/perl5.34		/opt/local/bin/perlivp-5.28
/opt/local/bin/perl5.34.0	/opt/local/bin/perlivp-5.34
/opt/local/bin/perlbug-5.26	/opt/local/bin/perlthanks-5.26
/opt/local/bin/perlbug-5.28	/opt/local/bin/perlthanks-5.28
/opt/local/bin/perlbug-5.34	/opt/local/bin/perlthanks-5.34
[35] (gr at wedge:~)%

Should Perl show up in `port --select summary`? The only ports (that I 
have installed) that I see subscribing to that mechanism are Python:

[36] (gr at wedge:~)% port select --summary
Name     Selected  Options
====     ========  =======
pip      pip37     pip3-apple none
pip2     none      none
pip3     none      pip3-apple none
python   none      python27 python27-apple python37 python38-apple 
python39 none
python2  none      python27 python27-apple none
python3  python37  python37 python38-apple python39 none
[37] (gr at wedge:~)%

I wouldn't expect any of this to change things (and it does not):

[41] (gr at wedge:~)% sudo port activate perl5.34
--->  Computing dependencies for perl5.34
--->  Cleaning perl5.34
[42] (gr at wedge:~)% sudo port activate perl
Error: port activate failed: Registry error: perl is not installed.
[43] (gr at wedge:~)% sudo port install perl
Error: Port perl not found
[44] (gr at wedge:~)%

What am I forgetting here?

Has the Perl port never done that, and I've just "always" had an 
/opt/local/bin/perl sym link I maintained manually? (If so, why'd it get 
removed by installing a new version?)

Gabriel Rosenkoetter (he/him)
gr at eclipsed.net
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