Can I use Macports for Gimp maintenance?

Christopher Nielsen mascguy at
Wed Jul 6 20:30:46 UTC 2022

> We use Circle CI which doesn’t go that far back either (only 4 versions). If any of you are interested in how we do it today, here’s the repo:

Lukas, it would be great if you’re able to use MacPorts to package GIMP, and we’ll certainly do whatever we can to support your efforts!

I’ll start with a quick summary of where things stand, in case you haven’t done a lot of in-depth digging yet:

* glib2: We currently maintain three versions:
	* The default is 2.64.6, via port ‘glib2'
	* The next rev up is 2.66.8, via port 'glib2-devel'
	* And finally, the newest stable release is 2.72.3, via port 'glib2-upstream’
	* If you have a preference, you’ll want to install the desired one first. All dependents are setup to work with all three though, and will automatically use whichever one you have installed.

* Presently we only apply a small subset of patches for GIMP and gtk-2. (Though we’ve tried to cover the heavy-hitters, particularly related to screen-update performance on the latest macOS releases.) So if there are any that fix/improve runtime behavior, let me know!


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