Why so many gcc updates in the last week or so?

Chris Jones jonesc at hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Thu Jul 21 09:20:02 UTC 2022

Gcc12 brought a number of issues, that took time to be solved and 
required a number of updates in other gcc versions as well, and only 
became apparent as users submitted tickets etc. for those issues as they 
where found. I apologies for the number of updates, but I think now, 
touch wood, things will stabilize.

If you want to avoid having to build from source large updates, just 
hold off doing them until you see the binary tarballs are available, e.g. at



On 21/07/2022 10:12 am, Richard L. Hamilton wrote:
> It seems there have been updates for one version or multiple versions of gcc or their libraries nearly every day lately. What’s up with that?
> If one has to recompile (some are prebuilt, thankfully), that REALLY slows down updates. With 7 systems (4 of which are VMs at different macOS versions), anything that makes updates slower is not fun. Not to mention about 22 Linux, Solaris, or Windows systems (mostly VMs/LDOMs/zones, not physical boxes! not nearly as much hardware as it sounds like) getting updated too. (nostalgia for decades of being in IT, and that doesn’t even count emulators for Apollo workstation, IBM mainframe, and other exotica distantly remembered)

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