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Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Fri Jun 3 02:30:19 UTC 2022

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On May 31, 2022, at 18:40, James wrote:

> On 1 Jun 2022, at 7:19 am, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> I have not used gimp often enough to be familiar with the option you're referring to so I'm not sure I can advise you properly. However it may be significant that gimp can be compiled either in x11 mode or with a native macOS user interface, which we refer to as quartz mode. It may be the case that the disk image distributed by the developers of gimp was compiled in quartz mode, while the default in MacPorts is x11 mode, which may account for some of the discrepancies you're experiencing. You can install gimp in quartz mode with MacPorts by using the +quartz variant, however if you wish to switch from x11 mode to quartz mode you should decide to do so for all of your installed ports at once, and it is recommended to uninstall all ports, edit variant.conf to add +quartz, and then reinstall the ports you want. That way, ports that have quartz variants that require some of their dependencies to have quartz variants enabled will get built correctly.
>> In MacPorts gimp in x11 mode, I just tried saving a file, and then I tried save-as with the same filename, and it prompted me about whether I wanted to overwrite the existing file. If this is not the capability you're seeking, please clarify.
> We just had a massive lightning strike that took out lots (apple tv, ethernet on my mac, printer, nucs, blackmagic boxes, usb keyboard ...) so I might be confused in my overloaded state :-) The real issue is the open event.
> I can't find how to remove a single port, google has oodles to say on how to remove ALL ports, but nothing about 1.

To uninstall a port named foo and a port named bar, "sudo port uninstall foo bar".

You can also specify pseudo portnames like "installed" or "inactive" ("sudo port uninstall inactive").

> I will compile gimp with +quartz but most of my ports do use X11 so I don't want quartz versions. SSH from other machines! 
> nomachine and remote desktop from other macs are cludgy.

I don't think you will have success attempting to install gimp2 with +quartz while retaining the +x11 variant of other ports. In particular, gimp2 and gtk2 will need to be installed with the same variant (either +quartz or +x11), and whatever variant you install gtk2 with will need to be set on all other ports that use gtk2. That's why we suggest to decide which variant you want before installing any ports (or uninstall all ports and reinstall if you change your mind).

If you want to use some ports with +x11 and some with +quartz, one oft-suggested idea is to keep your main MacPorts installation at /opt/local using +x11 (so that you can receive binaries from us) and build a second MacPorts installation from source in a different prefix (/opt/quartz, say) and configure that one with +quartz.

Ideally we would reengineer this situation so that quartz and x11 things could coexist. It's been a long-term wish that nobody worked on yet, though Chris says he will work on it.

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