port diagnose and xcode

Michele Venturi dardo82 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 13:25:12 UTC 2022

That's what I said and anyway I repeat for the nth time
to people that doesn't want to know it: it's YOUR stuff,
YOU should know what it is, I'm not here to tell you what
to do you with it, this just a friendly reminder to decide...

Il dom 27 mar 2022, 01:42 Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at macports.org> ha scritto:

> On Mar 26, 2022, at 00:48, Michele Venturi wrote:
> > As usual this project too is a mess because everyone has a different
> idea of what it is,has been and will be.
> If you have constructive criticism for changes that should be made, feel
> free to start discussions about them. Otherwise you may be happier using
> something else.
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