Gnome aisleriot solitaire

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Oct 25 09:32:14 UTC 2022

On Oct 21, 2022, at 03:23, John Batistic wrote:

> macOS Monterey
> I wish to install Gnome Aisleriot (and just realised that it is an anagram of Solitaire)
> But need assistance in making it happen.
> I have;
> Successfully installed MacPorts, Gnome and Gnome Desktop, presuming that I need these.
> Searched the available ports with zero results
> I  don’t have enough information/knowledge to go any further.
> Are ports from any other flavours of BSD compatible?

No. The structure of MacPorts Portfiles is unique, not shared with any other package manager or ports system. MacPorts was inspired by FreeBSD but does not share any code with it.

If you wish to attempt to create a Portfile, instructions are in the MacPorts Guide. If you just wish to register your desire for a new port to be created by someone, you can do that by filing a ticket in the issue tracker and someone might eventually get around to it.

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