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Sat Sep 10 12:36:45 UTC 2022

Thanks I’m the author.

It appears that this is unrelated to the port and that there’s some issue with your home directory or account setup.

In Unix, the path ‘~’ is a synonym refers to your home directory, typically ‘/Users/MyUserName’, and you definitely should be able to copy stuff there.

If it were me, I’d try to troubleshoot with a few simple commands like:

cd ~
ls ~
ls -ld ~
ls -ld ~/Library/Services/ClamavScanIt.workflow

If any of that fails, you have bigger issue and should figure out why the path ~ or equivalently (default account configuration) /Users/MyUserName doesn’t exist.

If it works, then there’s some subtler issue with the ‘open’ command.

> On Aug 28, 2022, at 11:23, Lenore Horner <LenoreHorner at> wrote:
> Clamav-server has a really nice set of notes at the end about how to set it up.  Thank you to the folks who set that up.
> I was following those instructions and got to the part 
>> Clamav Scan-On-Demand is performed with the command:
>>             /opt/local/bin/ file1 [directory1] [file2 ...]
>>         A Contextual Menu applies to the selected
>>         items in Add this menu item with the command:
>>             cp -R /opt/local/share/clamav/ClamavScanIt.workflow
>>     ~/Library/Services
>>             open -a Automator ~/Library/Services/ClamavScanIt.workflow \
>>       && osascript -e 'quit app "Automator"'
> But when I ran the automator command on my Monterey system the following happened.  
> open -a Automator ~/Library/Services/ClamavScanIt.workflow \ && osascript -e 'quit app "Automator"'
> The file /Users/MyUserName/  does not exist.
> I substituted MyUserName for my actual username which was correct in the actual results from running the command.
> ClamavScanIt.workflow is a directory which contains solely the directory Content which contains Info.plist, Resources, QuickLook, document.wflow.
> I can go into Automater and open ClamavScanIt.workflow.  I can also find ClamavScanIt in services in the finder and can select it.  Nothing obvious happened when I did so I don't actually know if it's working.  Did the command actually fail?  Why is it complaining about the non-existence of a directory which is very much alive and well?
> Thanks,
> Lenore
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