Big Sur on M1 - bind9 named daemon don't run

Daniel J. Luke dluke at
Wed Sep 21 21:01:51 UTC 2022

On Aug 31, 2021, at 8:52 AM, FritzS GMX <fritzs at> wrote:
>>> But the named daemon don't run. 
>>> All this commands don’t work:
>>> sudo launchctl load -wF /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.macports.bind9.plist
>>> sudo /opt/local/bin/port load bind9
>>> sudo /opt/local/sbin/rndc reload
>>> What must I do that the named daemon runs?
>> Why don't the above commands work? What happens?
> No, there are no inputs in the own bind9 logging files, no logging files available.

(sorry for the necro-thread) -

I saw similar behavior today (with bind 9.18.7), no logging, no debug output from named. Under the debugger I could see that there's a fork() and the parent doesn't get the response it expects from the child and so terminates. 

A little more digging showed me that my previously valid named.conf was now invalid (named-checkconf was able to point out exactly the problem). I updated named.conf and things are working as expected.

Just something to look at if you (or anyone looking at the list archive) sees random failures like above. It's really too bad that named doesn't generate some output to at least point you in the right direction for this case.

Daniel J. Luke

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