Can I use Macports for Gimp maintenance?

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Wed Sep 28 21:33:39 UTC 2022

On Wed, 28 Sept 2022 at 10:14, Riccardo Mottola via macports-users <
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> a bittle late in reply, but... I have some experience. I have gotten
> last year GIMP working on Quartz all way back to 10.5 32bit on +quartz,
> with some minor caveats. 10.7 used to work "out of the box" except one
> minor patch.

Riccardo, this is fantastic.

To tell you where I've gotten: everything is building both locally and on
CI and I have a shadow ports repo (with just Gimp in it for now). So making
good progress.

Here is my MR (like a PR but on Gitlab) of what I'm doing
Feel free to contribute there as well.

I would also be really grateful if you would try this build:
on 10.12, as I don't have a device that runs that. (it's of 2.99.13).

> What is incovenient - espacially for support of "old" and "very new" is
the way upgrades in MacPorts work. You quickly upgrade all dependencies
out of the box, most often it works. But if you have an issue because
any of the dependencies, then it is not easy to get back that.

Yes, I wish there was a way to lock releases, but the only mac C package
manager that does that is Conda, and it doesn't have all the needed
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