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Thu Sep 29 22:22:43 UTC 2022

> On Sep 27, 2022, at 13:19, Ralph Seichter via macports-users <macports-users at lists.macports.org> wrote:
> * Chris Jones:
>> For the purposes of the original question here, its more than good enough.
> That is, of course, for the OP to decide. I stand by my recommendation
> to use 'git log ...' on a cloned repository, it is a skill well worth
> having.
> -Ralph

I appreciate both responses. While I think git is pretty amazing, it is not much of a package manager :P, and I have no need for version control because I'm not a developer. I only use git to build and manage anything I'd want that isn't an available MacPorts port, which is rare. My interest was not finding deep and arcane details nor in doing any analysis (no doubt valid activity for a developer), but really only checking specifically initial release date (or at least when it was first available on MacPorts) and possibly the identity of the original developer (or original maintainer). 

 I really did hope for at least a way to quickly reveal these using macports' website, which Chris provided... and yet I am not sure the details I am digging to there mean anything other than when the first commits occurred by some anonymous username (which is still good information and interesting). 

It occurred to me only as I replied here that after installing a port, if a man page is provided, that also often provides me the information I wanted. Apparently ports also have an AUTHORS file, and if I could figure out how to find it or even read it using the port command, I suspect it probably also includes the trivia I desire at times. It would be really cool if port info included a short section like man pages often do that gives a brief detail of port development origin, such as the two or three details mentioned, original release date and author, first availability on MacPorts.

Do not doubt it, all of you MacPorts developers and maintainers and advanced users are, by me, respected and loved, and all I can give in exchange for the vast benefit provided is bug reports, and always submitted imperfectly, and also occasional levity. I do what I can, which admittedly, isn't much. I thank you all for your astonishing generosity. 

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