perl --version is not at perl5.36 but at perl5.34 yet both are listed as active

Kenneth Wolcott kennethwolcott at
Mon Aug 14 00:21:23 UTC 2023


  I'm confused about what Perl I have installed vi MacPorts and what
is active and what I can use.

port installed | grep perl5
  ack @3.6.0_0+perl5_34
  ack @3.7.0_0+perl5_34 (active)
  docbook2X @0.8.8_11+perl5_34 (active)
  git @2.39.1_0+credential_osxkeychain+diff_highlight+doc+pcre+perl5_34
  git @2.39.2_0+credential_osxkeychain+diff_highlight+doc+pcre+perl5_34
  git @2.40.0_0+credential_osxkeychain+diff_highlight+doc+pcre+perl5_34
  git @2.40.1_0+credential_osxkeychain+diff_highlight+doc+pcre+perl5_34
  git @2.41.0_0+credential_osxkeychain+diff_highlight+doc+pcre+perl5_34 (active)
  icoutils @0.32.3_1+perl5_34 (active)
  net-snmp @5.9.1_1+perl5_34+ssl (active)
  ossp-uuid @1.6.2_13+perl5_34+universal
  ossp-uuid @1.6.2_13+perl5_34 (active)
  perl5 @5.34.1_0+perl5_34 (active)
  perl5.34 @5.34.1_0 (active)
  perl5.36 @5.36.0_0
  perl5.36 @5.36.1_0 (active)
  po4a @0.66_0+perl5_34 (active)
  xmltoman @0.4_1+perl5_34 (active)

which perl

perl --version | head -2 | tail -1
This is perl 5, version 34, subversion 1 (v5.34.1) built for

It looks like many perl5-based utilities are not yet updated to
perl5.36, yet I'd like to use perl5.36 when I'm writing a perl

I apparently don't understand enough about how to use "port select"
even after several readings.

On a slightly off-topic question, I'm still trying to replace all
"universal" ports with aarch64 ports (native) and when I install
and/or upgrade, I always specify "-s".  I've only had one problem (so
far) with this.

Ken Wolcott

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