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as rule of thumb, python modules ports have supbort for different python version.

you can see what specific python version subport the generic port install (based on your default variants in <prefix>/etc/macports/variants.conf) looking at the library dependencies.

py-simpy @4.0.1_1 (python)
Sub-ports:            py37-simpy, py38-simpy, py39-simpy, py37-simpy-docs, py38-simpy-docs, py39-simpy-docs

Description:          SimPy is an object-oriented, process-based discrete-event simulation language based on standard Python.

Library Dependencies: py39-simpy

thus: no, this is not a conflict and no, you are not supposed to uninstall any of them.


> On 8 Jan 2023, at 15:32, Artemio González López via macports-users <macports-users at> wrote:
> I just installed py39-simpy, without realizing that py-simpy was actually installed. So now
> port installed py\*-simpy
> produces
> The following ports are currently installed:
>   py-simpy @4.0.1_1 (active)
>   py39-simpy @4.0.1_0 (active)
> Is this a conflict? Should I uninstall one of the two ports? And, more generally, how does a generic port like py-simpy works compared to installing whatever version of py-simpy by hand?
> Thanks a lot in advance,
> Artemio
> Artemio Gonzalez Lopez
> artemiog at

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