MacPorts borg is broken?

Kenneth Wolcott kennethwolcott at
Sat Mar 11 06:25:33 UTC 2023


A script that I wrote which calls borg reported the following:
You do not have a supported version of the msgpack python package
installed. Terminating.
This should never happen as specific, supported versions are required
by our
Do not contact borgbackup support about this.

 which borg

borg --version
borg 1.2.3

port installed | grep msgpack
  py310-msgpack @1.0.4_2
  py310-msgpack @1.0.5_0 (active)

port installed | grep borg
  borgbackup @1.2.3_0 (active)


I was successfully using my backup script based on borg for several
months now (running it every time I go a local git commit), but
tonight it fails with the above error message.

I tried to fix this problem by uninstalling borg and reinstalling it,
but still get the same error.

I was using borg from homebrew last year, but I moved completely to
MacPorts for some while now.

I'd rather use MacPorts than going back to homebrew, or trying to
build from source (not sure if a compatible downloadable binary

Ken Wolcott

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