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> Hi,
> I need a quick ruby primer, please.
> I'd like to install this,
>> sudo gem install coltrane
> won't work because I'm on Mojave with an an ancient ruby and this 
> requires ruby 2.7 or above.
>> sudo port -vsN install ruby
> installs ruby18 by default
>> sudo port -vsN install ruby27
>> sudo port select --set ruby ruby27
> installs, but gem still complains.

What does 'which ruby' say?
How about 'sudo which ruby' ?
How about 'sudo which gem' ?

Make sure /opt/local/bin comes before /usr/bin in your $PATH.

> just guessing at this point:
>> port -vsN install rb-rubygems
> reinstalls ruby18 ><

Yes. The "ruby" port appears to be pegged at 1.8.7.

> Help, please.

Worst case: The ruby?? ports each install their executable binaries in 
/opt/local/bin, so if for some reason reinstalling a recent ruby port 
and 'port select'ing it doesn't work, you can try:

sudo /opt/local/bin/gem3.0 install coltrane

Or whatever version of ruby you choose.

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