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Sun Mar 12 23:02:11 UTC 2023

On Sun, Mar 12, 2023 at 10:35:48PM +0100, Sarah Zinsmeister <sarah.zinsmeister at> wrote:

> Dear Macports-User,
> I am unfortunately as other than an IT expert, so because I
> actually thought this was a program to back up websites, I
> installed Macports. If I have understood that rudimentary somehow,
> Macports would just now allow me to install e.g. non-Mac-compatible
> software. Well, I did not want or I also have no idea what negative
> effects this could now have on my macbook. I'm also trying to get
> support from IT friends, but maybe someone can answer my very simple
> question: How can I uninstall macports again and does it also pose
> risks to me if I did nothing with the program? (I write you because in
> the FAQs it says: It’s a drastic step.)
> Thank you so much in advance! And sorry for this absolutely beginner
> action / question.
> Kind regards,
> Sarah


Macports itself doesn't backup websites. It just lets
you install other software, presumably including
software that does back up websites.

This page has instructions for removing macports:

If you haven't used macports yet to install any
software, or haven't started using or relying on such
software, there I don't think there's any risk in
removing macports. Leaving it there is also harmless,
except that it occupies some disk space, but that's

The only reason that removal would be drastic is
because the procedure uninstalls all the sotware that
you have installed with macports. But if you don't want
or have any such software, it's not drastic.


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