MacPorts Update Outdated Choking on libgcc9

Christopher Stone listmeister.sf at
Wed Mar 22 00:00:55 UTC 2023

> On Mar 21, 2023, at 04:10, Chris Jones <jonesc at> wrote:
> gcc9 is indeed not available on 10.14.6
> Uninstall it and libgcc9
> > sudo port uninstall libgcc9 gcc9
> if that complains because some port still thinks it needs it, then most likely you have that port (or port) installed with a old out of date variant. You will need to reinstall those ports with a newer variant (just use the defaults).

Many thanks to Chris Jones who helped me work through this problem.

All is working smoothly again.

I'd forgotten this list doesn't reply-to itself and communicated privately for a bit.

Best Regards,

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