propchange - r31808 svn:log

ryandesign at ryandesign at
Sat Dec 8 11:02:48 PST 2007

Author: ryandesign at
Revision: 31808
Property Name: svn:log

New Property Value:

Correct erroneous quoting in environment variables passed to MacPorts. These were written with nested quoting
as, e.g, "-L'${prefix}/lib'", but ever since Paul reworked our environment parser back in 1.4.x days and then
Anders fixed a bug in the new parser in r30273 (which happened after the 1.5.2 release), the '' subquoting
level has been illegal. Now a simple "-L${prefix}/lib", or even -L${prefix}/lib without any quoting at all,

This commit fixes building and destrooting of bazaar per Adam Mercer (ram)'s bug report on the dev list.
It turned out to not be a regression with respect to 1.5.2 as I originally anticipated, but rather an improper
declaration of the environment, which only worked back in 1.5.2 days as a side effect of the bug Anders fixed
in r30273, if I'm not mistaken.

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